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Zuri Destination Management

An expert in Destination Events, Destination Weddings, and Incentive programmes
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Zuri Destination (ZD), is a South African professional destination marketing company (DMC), headquartered in Johannesburg.  ZD is an expert in Destination Events, Destination Weddings, and Incentive programmes. The company trades in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events (MICE) space.    The events management of the company is divided into the business and leisure units.  The business event unit specialises in the organisation of conferences, meetings, seminars, award dinners, corporate events, educational meetings, and exhibition management.  The forte in the leisure unit is on destination weddings, festivals, sporting matches, fairs, launches, honeymoon, and travel packages.

The company might be a new entrant in the tourism destination, marketing, and travel scene, but the owner is a product of more than 16 years of involvement in this sector with thought leadership on how the industry works.  As a company that is 100% African, women-owned, the proprietor understands the impact that the eventing and tourism sector has on the economic development of a place, province, and country.  It is important for Zuri Destination to trade in this space as it will be able to create access to markets, SME development and financial inclusion for the GIRL-CHILD from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Her passion is in travel and tourism; hence she started her own marketing agency in the tourism industry by establishing Zuri Destination. She was inspired, in choosing the name, (ZURI) by the presence, in her life, of her daughter Mbali, meaning ‘a flower’ in IsiZulu. The word ‘zuri’ is derived from the Kiswahili language and means ‘beauty’. The beauty that needs to be plucked from obscurity or elevated or given space to pervade our spaces so that, in taking it in, the world can also be beautified for future generations to find their balance. She knows only too well what the challenges of motherhood, nurturing, caregiving, profession and giving all of oneself could do to the sanity and beauty of life. Hence, she decided to dedicate her own experiences to giving others an opportunity to rejuvenate, grow and ignite the world around them. With a combination of originality and authenticity, Zuri Destination will design and execute a first-class customised experience in everything they do, also recognising the importance that travel-and-tourism has in shaping the minds of those who immerse themselves in new cultures.

The company is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa and provides ground services based on knowledge of destination South Africa.

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15 Avis Close, Johannesburg, RSA, 2018