Constitution Hill Human Rights Festival 21 – 24 March 2024


The 6th edition of the Human Rights  Festival takes place over Human Rights weekend and pays homage to all those  who lost their lives in the fight for  democracy, particularly during the  Sharpeville Massacre of 21 March 1960

A four-day festival dedicated to:

  1. Showcasing, connecting and amplifying  the work of hundreds of NGOs
  2. Inspiring the next generation of  young activists
  3. Starting dialogue and conversation  around important human rights issues

The festival explores human rights issues  through exhibitions, debates, round tables and  creative expression.

The festival takes place at Constitution Hill.

Formerly a site of prisons, where many of  our great leaders were incarcerated, today

Constitution Hill has been transformed into a  beacon of light for democracy and social justice.

Home of our Constitutional Court, the guardian  of our Constitution

Home to a resident artist community, world-  class recording studio and Truth to power lounge,  the site is not only a museum, but a living and  breathing site for social justice, dialogue, debate  and contestation.