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Taste of Africa Food Experience

Yeoville’s “United States of Africa” will offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions and delight your taste buds
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Bona fide experiences that connect you with the vibrant people and places of Africa.

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R 1250
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R 900
~ 1600

This Johannesburg food tour takes you on a journey across Africa. Taste a little something from destinations such as Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria and learn about the unique history of the neighbourhood!

Take a historical guided walk down Rockey Street in Yeoville – the cultural melting pot that remains part of Johannesburg’s inner-city heartbeat.

Yeoville’s “United States of Africa” will offer you an experience that will challenge your perceptions and delight your taste buds. We want to give you a blank canvas and brush so that you can paint a new picture of Johannesburg. You’ll see that you don’t need to travel thousands of kilometers around the African continent to get a taste of Africa.

Your Host Franck

Hey ya’ll, Franck here. I was born in the Congo, but raised in many countries across the African continent. My first experience travelling across Africa began as a refugee at the age of 7. At the time, my father was a political journalist who had to flee the government in fear of execution. We travelled by bus and foot for many years to our final destination, South Africa. I have lived in Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola.

I drew much of my inspiration for this travel company from my adulthood spent living in the infamous inner-city of Johannesburg. My mom always warned me to beware of certain places and buildings. It had become a dangerous place to live in the late 90’s which required certain survival skills; the inner city of Johannesburg was the melting port of African culture with many different immigrants calling it home. For as much as it was “Dangerous” it was the only place I could call home due to its diversity and acceptance of all people.

The iconic Ponte Tower was symbolic of this time (AKA The United States of Africa). Walking distance from my home, I was constantly reminded if I don’t do well I’ll ended up in that building. At the time, the building was a symbol of failure. One day, curiosity lead me to moving into this building and this has given me the opportunity to challenge people’s perception about my neighborhood and exposing them rather to the beauty of the inner city.

My love for storytelling grew overtime and as I explored South Africa I realised the diversity of this country and the story of it’s people wasn’t well represented in the tourism industry; my mission is to retell the true African story and change people’s view on the African continent through unique experiences that will connect travellers to the people Africa.

I believe I can use tourism as a catalyst for building communities and changing the narrative of this beautiful continent through a fair trade between visitors and communities.”

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